Tagliatore is a Made in Italy clothing brand renowned all over the world for the refinement of its garments and for the style and aesthetics that characterize the brand. It all originates from the inspiration of the mind of Pino Lerario, creative director and true beating soul of the brand. Thanks to the flexible mind and the aesthetic sensitivity that allows you to grasp even the smallest differences in shades, each Tagliatore collection is an inimitable mix of textures, colors and details that make each of its elements unique. Consistent with the artistic breath of the brand, each garment is considered a white palette on which to develop inspirations and creative ideas: the slender and soft shapes, the perfect fit and the search for details that enhance the figure, as in the composition of a framework. Tagliatore is a brand with a strong evocative meaning, born and led by a family tradition but which does not disdain the innovation and progress granted by modernity, as demonstrated by creative, simple and effective communication. Discover the selection of items for him and for her, choose your favorite and renew your wardrobe by purchasing from the comfort of your home in our online boutique.

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