Slowear is characterized as a family business, but with an international and eclectic character; what is proposed by the brand is not simply an object, but a real lifestyle, at the base of which is the concept of durable and ethereal fashion, characterized by high internal and external quality, which allows to their unique pieces to remain current and modern even with the passing of the seasons. Slowear is in fact the bearer of one of the most contemporary demands of modern man, namely a development of the fashion industry towards ethics and environmental sustainability. The union of five souls of Italian textile elegance, each a leader in its own sector, leads to a classic and timeless elegance, while remaining current and modern. The menswear of which Slowear is the bearer is unique and timeless, characterized by sophisticated knitwear such as those by Zanone , by the fascinating and ethereal shirts by Glanshirt, by impeccable jackets of Montedoro and the classic Incotex trousers, all combined in the style of the incredible accessories and footwear by Officina Slowear, whose Italian craftsmanship is positioned as the cornerstone of the brand.