Sebago was born in 1948, with the first sailing shoe , the patent of which was however sold to Uniroyal. Just two years later, in 1950, the brand made its first million dollars, increasing its daily production to 2000 pairs of shoes; the need arises for a new factory to meet production needs, which is promptly built and made operational. The great leap of the company, namely the entry of the brand on the European market, took place in 1965 , thanks to the collaborative partnership established by the founder with the entrepreneur Francisco Gaudier; from this launch follows the willingness, promptly paid, to launch a women’s line. The brand’s best seller, the Docksides model, was born in 1970 and remains, to date, the best-selling worldwide. Sebago is characterized by eclecticism and quality ; together with the classic models with para sole, classic and modern, we can find moccasins with leather or rubber soles, adaptable to every occasion and need, without ever giving up comfort and elegance.

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