Saint Barth

The Saint Barth brand was born in 1994, with the launch of the first MC2 Saint Barth line; the name derives from the Caribbean island where the founders of the brand went, and has as its basic concept the elegance and refinement transmitted by the Caribbean and their environment , transported to beachwear.
The brand’s first flagship store, located right on the island of St. Barth, draws inspiration from Caribbean environments, local architecture and design, offering beachwear collections for the whole family and all ages. The primary goal that the founders wanted to achieve with the birth of the brand, is to dress the modern man and woman, who love to be chic and elegant even on the beach, without giving up their own style . The basic principles behind the creation of the pieces, unique and recognizable of their kind, are the creation of excellent fits, contemporary but ethereal at the same time, the use of captivating and modern colors, and the choice of materials and fabrics top quality.
The strength of this brand is undoubtedly the wide availability and choice relating to everything related to beach life for the family; from classic swimsuits, briefs and boxers for men and children, whole and pieces for women and girls, we move on to shirts and dresses in fresh and natural materials, such as linen and cotton, up to to a wide and refined choice of beach towels and accessories.