Jacob Cohen

Jacob Cohen is an Italian fashion brand founded in Padua in 1985 by Tato Bordelle. In 2013 the brand saw a rapid rise in the fashion world thanks to the intuition of Nicola Bordelle who favored a total and extreme change of look of the collections. Denim jeans will in fact become one of the distinctive garments of the brand, in the wake of the trends of the early millennium. In fact, the Jacob Cohen maison was the first to produce luxury tailored jeans, with an impeccable fit, extremely high quality fabrics and handmade finishes. All Italian-made jeans are made of kurabo, a highly sought-after Japanese fabric, to which a particular technique called “stone washed” is applied which consists of rubbing lava stone pebbles that smooth the surface of the fabric giving it a unique look. Discover the collection of men’s and women’s trousers for 2021 and buy your favorite pair on Rabaini Store!

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