Etro is an Italian fashion house founded in 1968 and has always been synonymous with elegance, refinement and timeless class. The distinctive feature of both men’s and women’s clothing is the now famous paisley print introduced by the fashion house in 1981. The paisley print derives from a decorative motif born in Mesopotamia, which recalls the leaf of the date palm and therefore the idea of ​​the tree of life. Despite this, the Etro collections have been able to renew and differentiate themselves continuously in the fashion world due to the spasmodic search for unique details and designs , often a lively and personal interpretation of signs and geometries reworked from distant cultures. The Etro fabrics are also characterized by an ancient tradition technique combined with an elegant design with a cosmopolitan flavor capable of making each garment contemporary, modern and respecting tradition.
Inside the boutique you can discover the new Etro 2021 collection and choose between polo and men’s shirts and women’s dresses . Discover the Rabaini Store selection and buy your favorite garment online!

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