Orciani – A nonconformist soul for a classic style

The Orciani brand has been synonymous with style, refinement and innovation for forty years. From belts to bags, from small leather goods to outerwear, each Orciani collection is destined to become a spearhead of our wardrobe. The company carries the Made in Italy flag all over the world and is aimed at an increasingly demanding and attentive market where innovation and going outside the conventional schemes represent essential strengths. Orciani has skilfully interpreted these needs by finding the right alchemy between continuity, evolution and timeless elegance.

The Origins of Orciani

The Orciani brand was born in the 1980s in Fano, in the Marche region, thanks to the intuition due to a simple need: that of a boy, Claudio Orciani, looking for a belt suitable for his young age.

Obtaining leather from a shoemaker, he set to work to create his ideal belt and once finished he immediately received numerous appreciations, many of which from a friend who ran a small boutique and immediately convinced him to create more. It was January 15, 1979, the idea behind the Orciani brand was born.

The brand identifies a lot in the person and characteristics of its founder. Claudio and his infinite desire to experiment, innovate and surprise, has led the company over the years to become a leading player in the Made in Italy artisan leather goods sector.
The pillars on which the business is based are as simple as they are important: the use of fine leathers, traditional manufacturing techniques and continuous stylistic innovation which have allowed it over the years to establish itself internationally, addressing both men and to women.

Orciani and innovation

Modernizing and reforming the sector has always been one of Orciani’s main objectives; His eclectic and nonconformist personality has always inspired him, pushing him to create products with new and original characteristics capable of surprising his audience. It is no coincidence that the first highly successful product was the “no buckle” belt or, as the name explains, without a buckle. This accessory, particularly suitable for air travel since it has no buckle and therefore suitable for check-ins, is also at the center of the “Airports in the world” project.

This operation, which includes the creation of a new maxi-suitcase and the opening of pop-up stores in numerous international airports (the first at Milan Malpensa in 2013), has allowed the international expansion of the brand and its fame.

In recent years, an Rfid Blocking function has also been introduced within small leather goods accessories. This film is produced with a particular material capable of blocking signals from outside. The film has been specially designed against “skimming”, i.e. remote data theft.

Attention to the environment

The Orciani company, on the explicit intention of the founder, respects nature and exploits alternative energies as much as possible. In the plant, for example, which operates on 100% renewable energy with European EECS-GO certification, the heating and cooling of the environment is entrusted to a geothermal unit powered by a photovoltaic system.

A further and more recent approach to the green economy took place with the introduction of a new product on the market: the Planet backpack. This is made entirely with recycled or regenerated materials and accessories and subsequently converted into eco-nylon wefts.