Brunello Cucinelli – Fashion meets Made in Italy tradition

Brunello Cucinelli represents an icon of Made in Italy, each garment is made thanks to the work of the best craftsmen of Solomeo.

A small company transported to the world of high fashion, soft lines and materials such as silk and linen will be the undisputed protagonists of the new spring/summer 2020 collection.


The origins of the King of cashmere

Love is the major force that drives a man to create something wonderful. Everything starts and ends from there, because without love there is no construction, no creativity. Brunello Cucinelli first falls in love with his future wife Federica and then with the latter’s native village.

Salomeo represents for Brunello the source of his creativity, driven by a strong passion, he begins to deal with colored cashmere for women. The garments made by the brand differ from the quality of cashmere , in addition to its softness, it is a material aimed at resisting over time.

Manual skill and craftsmanship reflect the primary artery of his company for Brunello, as they represent the beauty and identity of Italian culture. The company today is one of the main international companies active in the luxury high fashion sector, it has a total body men’s and women’s collection. Each Brunello collection is a continuous search for the most modern forms.


New spring/summer 2020 collection – Brunello Cucinelli

Time is a constant in our life. The conjunction between contemporary trends and timeless styles form and perfectly describe the new Brunello Cucinelli spring/summer 2020 collection. A colorful painting with neutral lines and natural patterns accompanied by colors such as white, warm earth tones and natural leathers that surround the atmosphere, approaching the warmer seasons.

For the day or for the evening, the Brunello Cucinelli spring/summer collection can accompany all your atmospheres. The suits return to represent the new indispensable outfits for your days, but this time they are enriched with materials such as: leather, linen, cotton to feel freer and lighter. The new line also amazes with Bermuda shorts for men and miniskirts to increase the appeal of women.

Even the knitwear, by now the undisputed protagonist of the brand, uses rustic and natural materials: such as hemp and linen.


The careful selection of Rabaini

“Eternal spring is found within us” V. Hugo. And it is precisely with this philosophy that Rabaini places his research. Contemporary models and essential brands for timeless outfits. Just think of women’s dresses such as the silk jumpsuit by Etro for special occasions or a suede dress by Drome for more casual days.

Rabaini’s selections also pass into a man’s wardrobe like Berwich trousers for formal occasions or a Stone Island t-shirt for simpler looks. In short, inside the boutique you can find a vast range of brands and models to complete every outfit, but above all ready to respond to your every need.